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Palmistry is a science and a universal language. The laws of palmistry hold true for all the hands in the world. Palmistry demonstrates that there is no fixed fate and that we all play an essential part in creating our lives. We do this consciously and unconsciously; however, creating our lives consciously is better. Many of the great spiritual masters have said that it is out thinking that has the most powerful influence on the course of our lives.

Full Palm Reading

  • ANALYSIS – Detailed analysis of your palm covering all aspects of your life. Information about your past, present & (probable) future. Your palm lines will be specifically decoded and explained in an easy to understandable language. Your nature, talents (career), health, financial aspect, travel, education, marriage all aspects will be covered.

  • REMEDIES/ PRECAUTIONS/ SUGGESTIONS – This portion will include remedies for the betterment of life. Pertaining to the areas of vulnerability, different kinds of rejuvenation & healing solutions will be suggested. HEALING SOLUTIONS – Gemstone, chants, color therapy, breathing techniques, finger posture meditation (for the improvement of afflicted lines).

  • SPECIFIC QUESTIONS – Your asked specific questions will be answered.

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Specific Question Answered

  • SPECIFIC QUESTIONS – You can have any one of your specific questions answered. 

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